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How to get the right sized bracelet

(on my website anyway!)

To save yourself possible disappointment and hassle, please read this if you are considering buying a bracelet.

If you look around on the web, you’ll see all kinds of opinions on how to get the right sized bracelet. And mine is yet another opinion.  I have found that wrists are not necessarily proportional to one’s height and/or weight.  Because of that, I do not feel comfortable saying that there is such a thing as wrist size that is small, medium or large based on these factors.

The key, then, is that we measure the same way together.  Here is how we do it. The measurement I give on my website is the INNER measurement of the bracelet. It is the measurement of the part that touches your skin with the clasp closed, just like you would wear it.  (I use a special tool to do this.)  Doing it this way avoids the problem of a 7.5” bracelet (as measured on a flat ruler) with thin beads (2-5mm) fitting vastly differently than a 7.5” bracelet (again, as measured on a flat ruler) with thick beads (say, 8-15mm).
So, if you measure yourself as described below as a 7.5” wrist, then if you find a bracelet on my website that is 7.5”, then you have a very good chance of liking the fit. Why do I say “very good chance” and not a guarantee?  Well, the main thing is that you may like your bracelet to fit snuggly or you may like it to kind of dangle and drape down your wrist a bit.  The best bet is that if you like it snug, your own measurement should equal the size listed on my website.  If you like it to drape and dangle a bit, add ¼ to ½ inches to your own measurement.  This is the best way to come pretty darn close!

How to measure your wrist

  1. Have a 12” ruler handy.
  2. Cut a piece of string or cord (thicker is better – I like to use 5mm cord).
  3. Put the string behind your wrist bone (on the wrist you intend to wear the bracelet) and wrap the cord around so that it touches you all the way around but is not tight. Note this length by grabbing the cord where it begins to overlap.
  4. Place the portion of the cord that reflects the circumference of your wrist onto the flat ruler.
  5. If you like your bracelets to fit snuggly, this is your measurement.
  6. If you like your bracelets to drape a bit down your wrist and dangle, add approx. ¼” to ½” to the measurement in step 4.
  7. An alternative (for those that like bracelets to drape) is to place the cord around your wrist WHERE YOU LIKE THE BRACELET TO HANG and then take that measurement. 

What if the bracelet is for someone else?

If the bracelet is not a surprise gift, you can measure as noted above.

If it is a surprise gift, stealth comes into play! If there is a way to get another bracelet that they already own (where the bead thickness comes close to the bead thickness of what you are considering buying), you can lay that one on a flat ruler and measure it, including clasp.  This is not ideal, as noted above, but it is much better than the next suggestion (a.k.a. last resort).

This last suggestion is to simply guess as to whether you think they have a small, medium or large wrist.  The very rough rule of thumb is: small approx. 6.5”; medium approx. 7” and large approx. 7.5.”  But these are very rough, which is why I call this the “last resort” method.

What if after all this, the size is still not right?

As mentioned in another part of my website, no matter what, I want you to be happy with your purchase. If the bracelet does not fit, return it (in original condition) and I will refund your money (but not the shipping).  In some cases I can enlarge or shrink a bracelet, too. But that requires restringing (and a return on your part).

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